Netokano Episode 1 Subbed English
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Netokano Episode 1 Subbed English

Netokano Episode 1 Subbed English-The main character Mizuki Suzumori has been in love with the neighbor’s boyfriend Sota Kazami since childhood. Romantic relationships are developing rapidly and the couple is thinking about the future. They make a promise to each other that they will definitely go to the same university. Mizuki is forced to stay at the training camp during the summer break to get a recommendation for admission to the university…
Some time later, Kazami receives a DVD in the mail with the inscription “for Kazami” from an unknown sender. The hero turns on the disk and sees his beloved in the hands of some perverted scumbag:
“Hi Sota! Can you see me? We haven’t spoken in a long time… This is my teacher, Iijima-san. It all started on the first day of my stay in the camp. He drugged me and then raped me… Because of this aphrodisiac, I came all night without a break and this was my first time… Are you listening?” It didn’t end there, he threatened me with distributing photos and videos that he recorded and filmed while fucking me every day for a month… But most importantly, he promised to give me a recommendation for admission to the University. We promised each other… You remember Soth, don’t you?”

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