Anette-san to Liliana-san Episode 1 Subbed English
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Anette-san to Liliana-san Episode 1 Subbed English

Anette-san to Liliana-san Episode 1 Subbed English-Studio Seven together with studio Pink Pineapple announced a hentai anime adaptation of “Anette-san to Liliana-san The Animation” based on the manga of the same name by Aoi Nagisa. Hentai is scheduled for the end of July 2021. This is the third consecutive adaptation of the manga about “chocolate” titty beauties from Aoi Nagisa. This time we are waiting for a film adaptation of a kind of “extra” chapter about the dark-skinned sisters Annette and Lillian. The action of the plot develops in the same residential area of Tokyo, where the last two parts are located. The main character gets an incredible chance to have sex with two super-sexy “chocolate” sisters at once, and he certainly will not miss it

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