Tsugunai Episode 3 Subbed English
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Tsugunai Episode 3 Subbed English

Tsugunai Episode 2 Subbed English– Our mc lives with his sister, Nana, after their parents died in an accident. They grew up sharing sad and happy moments together. But one day Nana had to go through terrible life, she got assaulted by a group of rich men and became extremely traumatized. He wanted to take revenge upon those filthy rich men. Mc becomes a high school teacher where the daughter of the rich men study. After picking up the moment, he invited them to a remote villa for supplementary classes. He locked the door to make sure not any of them escapes and have his first revenge on the girl named Ruriko who had the most respect for her filthy father who assaulted mc’s sister. The rest of the girl tried to run away, but will they able to escape mc’s wrath?

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