Pandemic Episode 1 Subbed English
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Pandemic Episode 1 Subbed English

Pandemic Episode 1 Subbed English-Mousou Jitsugen Media is about to animate a new hentai based on the second chapter of the Pandemic web manga.
This is another story about a world affected by a virus that causes sexual desire. People infected with the virus fall into uncontrollable lust and “attack” members of the opposite sex, and when they finish intercourse, the victim also becomes infected.
This hentai version takes place a few years after the virus was leaked from the pharmaceutical research center where it was developed. Several years have passed since the incident at the pharmaceutical company, where the lust virus originated, and the world has forgotten about it. Tahara, a middle-aged gym teacher, is being threatened by a mysterious man to blackmail him into publicizing his voyeuristic escapade to which one of his students has been the victim, and now he has been asked to do something to avoid it.
He needs three women to get infected with a virus and sleep with a certain man… Tahara decides to use the virus and infects those three women to turn them into slaves.
But Tahara’s desires don’t end there: he infects the entire school with the virus. Now everyone is infected, and everywhere in the school building, students and teachers are having sexual orgies, and Tahara is training the infected students with his thick meat rod…

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