Mesu Kyoushi 4: Kegasareta Kyoudan part 5
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Mesu Kyoushi 4: Kegasareta Kyoudan part 5

Starting with the inexperienced and stuck-up female teacher, Miyu. Then the female teacher that puts up a tough front, Maki. Kazuya succeeded at targeting one woman after another up to the school principal, Yuuri. To deal with the remaining women, he decided to go after Ootani Kaho, the foolhardily female teacher. Kaho is a female teacher who(d bubble, friendly, and easy to get along with so both the teachers and students see her as an older sister figure. She especially pays attention and actively reaches out to poor-performing students, so she can easily interact even with the aloof Kazuya.

Japanese: 牝教師4 ~穢された教壇~

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