Himitsu no Kichi Episode 1 Subbed English
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Himitsu no Kichi Episode 1 Subbed English

Himitsu no Kichi Episode 1 Subbed English-

The first story:
Minyo forcibly takes Ayano, an older member of his club, to work in his parents’ fields. In the heat of a summer day, you have to work tirelessly, but you can also find time to fool around, and Ayano, while watering, jokingly douses Mino with water, but at the same time soaks her clothes, which makes them shine through, and the girl’s nipples become visible through her clothes… A small accident helps the heroes to confess their feelings to each other. And so, under a clear blue sky, their lips close in a passionate kiss, driven by uncontrollable love and lust.

The second story:
Yuzu, a modest, beautiful young woman with long black hair, attracting the attention of men.
However, when she is alone, she loves to take selfies with herself masturbating, which is why she gets great pleasure.
And then one day, when she secretly films herself on camera, masturbating in a club room, she is accidentally discovered by her senpai Matsuyama. Yuzu burns with shame, but after her true identity is revealed and she is freed from her fear, her libido increases to such an extent that she seduces Matsuyama herself and swallows his cock. Yuzu’s face changes from an innocent beauty to a real slut when she begs for penetration into her eager vagina.

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