Aoharu Snatch Episode 1 Subbed English
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Aoharu Snatch Episode 1 Subbed English

Aoharu Snatch Episode 1 Subbed English- Due to the lack of members, the Literature club is going to close unless its president, the beautiful and shy Sakira Shiori, manages to recruit at least 3 members. In her search to find members, everyone told her no because it was a boring literature club. but she managed to convince 3 not-so-decent boys to join her and she managed not to close the club, but they had other intentions, which began with sexual harassment by the three boys towards the president ended in what seemed inevitable. One day one of the boys raped her and the other two joined him, they recorded and photographed her while they raped her so they could blackmail her and keep fucking her forever, from there the literature club became every day having sex with her. Chairwoman. A freshman, Makoto Niijima joins the club, but he still doesn’t know what it’s really like, will he find out and stop them? Or maybe he will join these degenerates?…

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